Extension to Erasmus+ 2020 project funding welcomed


Extensions for Erasmus+ 2020 learner and staff mobility projects to December 2023 have been warmly welcomed by CollegesWales International. 

CollegesWales International is pleased to confirm that Erasmus+ funding for 2-week work placements across Europe for 824 vocational learners and apprentices can now be used up until 30 December 2023. 

In addition, following numerous challenges brought about by travel restrictions imposed because of the Covid19 Pandemic, this extension will allow additional time to plan 3 staff visits to Ireland, Norway and Austria to explore professional learning of vocational staff and the development of a professional learning framework. 

CollegesWales International Project Manager Sian Holleran said:

“We’re grateful for the additional time to be able to plan valuable placements for FE learners and staff alike. Overseas development opportunities are compatible with learners’ qualifications in Wales and offer life-changing experiences to young people who may never have considered employment opportunities beyond Wales. FE staff also benefit from opportunities to learn good practice and new ideas from elsewhere”. 

Further Information 

Our International and European Project Manager Siân Holleran leads the Erasmus+ Programme on behalf of CollegesWales International. Contact Siân for further information:Sian.Holleran@colegaucymru.ac.uk

Erasmus+ is the EU's programme to support education, training, youth and sport in Europe. Visit the website for further information. 

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