CollegesWales International is the international arm of CollegesWales.


We support the FE colleges in Wales to integrate international activities into the daily life of their learners and staff. We work closely with British Council, the UK National Agency for Erasmus+ and educational organisations overseas to provide exciting opportunities for learners and staff to develop on a personal and a professional level.

ColegauCymru is Wales' National Contact Point (NCP) for a range of European tools that help people to understand how skills and qualifications are recognised across Europe. ColegauCymru coordinates the NCP work on behalf of the Welsh Government and has a user-friendly website for its work in this area –

ColegauCymru collaborates with a wide and varied network of international partners. Through this network, we support the colleges to promote Wales as a study and training destination. We welcome learners, staff and educational leaders to Wales so that we can highlight good practice in vocational education and training.

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