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ColegauCymru aims to provide a high standard of service in all aspects of its provision.   

Most people who access the services of ColegauCymru do not experience any problems. However, ColegauCymru recognises that sometimes things can go wrong, and when they do, ColegauCymru would like to know about it so that it can be put right. ColegauCymru is committed to taking prompt action to ensure that it achieves its aim of providing a high-quality service. The aim of the Complaints Policy is to give a quick yet thorough response that answers all concerns appropriately.   

The Designated Complaints Officer (DCO) is responsible for the appropriate handling of all complaints at ColegauCymru. The DCO will ensure matters are resolved as quickly as possible in line with the ColegauCymru Complaints Policy.  

ColegauCymru annually reviews the nature and number of all complaints. The monitoring and review of complaints contributes to the process of self-assessment leading to an improved quality of service.   

ColegauCymru Complaints Policy

Queries and written complaints should be sent to 

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